26th of July 2019.


At 17 years of age, he got his first residency at the Sanz Sans nightclub in Paris playing extended sets and showing his skills with a double turntable and a pile of vinyl records. Meanghile, he was studying to be a sound engineer which naturally took him to music production and his first album in 2007. It was recognised by to top DJs at the time and kicked off an exciting career in electronic music.

In only a few years he was signed by legendary labels such as Bpitch Control and Tsuba. His trips around the world intensified with appearances at Panorama Bar, Fabric and Rex Club, to name a few. During this time he contributed to many projects using different aliases such as Samuel Thalmann (Hyper Color Records), Lezar and Handycraft, the duo the formed with Paul Ritch.

After moving to Berlin in 20111, he established his own label, Talman Records. There, he was free to release his music as well as providing a new platform for like-minded artists such as Silverlining, Enzo Siragusa, Sweely and Malin Genie, to name a few. The Parisian has become an impressive and versatile artist, a producer with a unique sound and an experienced DJ who can come up with a wide array of material from house to techno, old and new.

In the last few years, Samuel has not shown any signs of slowing down. He has traveled the world, including Japan and Australia, playing festivals such as Awakenings, SASH Sydney and Fuse in Sudio 338, among others. His discography of over 30 albums loved by the underground scene such as Infuse, Pleasure Zone and Constant Sounds whos he is a key player in the scene and an artist who is capable of shaping contemporary music’s panorama.

Okain’s discography:


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